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The Story of My Great-Grandparents (Hanna Rishmawi & Miladeh Bardawil)

In 1995, we had a combined Salomon family reunion and 50th wedding anniversary for my grandparents (John Salomon & Widad Isaac) in Flint, Michigan. With the help of my great-grandmother and others, my cousin Nora Moncada, put together a Salomon family history book. She was able to get stories from older family members and record them in English & Spanish.

I'd like to share this story about my great-great grandparents, Juan (Hanna) & Miladeh, taken from the book:

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Ishaq Family Connections

The last name Issac or Ishaq from Beit Sahour stems from a common ancestor which also includes these last names- Habbas, AbuAitah, Salem, Qassis, Ibrahim, among others. If you trace the Ishaq ancestor back to 1630 you come to Dawoud Al-Qazaha. My grandmother's maiden name and her mother's maiden name is Ishaq. But on my grandfather's side, his mother's maiden name is Habbas, descending also from Dawoud Al-Qazaha through the branch of AbuAitah.

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Greetings From a Cousin in Florida

If you are reading this post, then it’s highly likely we are cousins to some degree. After discussing Ishaq family history with Isam for quite some time, he asked me to be a guest blogger on the site. I thought I would begin by introducing myself.

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