George Nicola Yousef Ishaq

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Baseel Issa Ishaq & Labibeh Issa Hannoneh

Baseel Issa Ishaq & Labibeh Issa Hannoneh

"Baseel Issa Salameh Ishaq" was most likely born in Beit Sahour about 1898. He married "Labibeh Issa Hannoneh" about the year 1919. Labibeh was born about 1906. They had eight children (3 daughters and five sons) who survived to become adults and at least a daughter and a son who died as children. Baseel died in Beit Sahour on 23 December 1973 and Labibeh died on 15 June 1991. Both are buried in the Greek Orthodox cemetery in Beit Sahour. The picture was taken in Amman, Jordan at a wedding of one of the sons of "George Nicola Yousef Ishaq".

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